Grip Sport Socks

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The socks that enhance performance 

Improved Comfort

The materials used allow the sock to be robust as well as being flexible with the elasticity feature that allows the sock to fit snug around the foot.

Improved Durability

The robust materials used is designed to last under pressure and prolonging everlasting use. 


The cushioned material is often worn with boots and forms of sports footwear. The cushion feature is highly effective on hard surfaces such as AstroTurf, hard court and the streets. 

How-To Wear

Simultaneous grip with foot and footwear, they must be worn with direct contact to both the foot and shoe.  


Machine wash in cold water with like colours.  Tumble dry low.

Size Guide - One Size

UK 6 - 11

US 7- 12

EU 38 - 45